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ASI SOLUTIONS ABN: 40 068 649 972 is a registered trading Business Name for the company Anabelle Bits Pty Ltd.

The ASI SOLUTIONS web site is owned by ASI SOLUTIONS. If you access this site you agree that you have read, understood and accept these Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions of Trade with ASI SOLUTIONS.

ASI SOLUTIONS operates from the Head office in New South Wales Australia. The ASI SOLUTIONS Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use of web site are governed by the State of NSW Legislation. You agree to be bound exclusively by the laws of this state of NSW regardless of your client location and that any action by the customer shall occur only in the state of NSW.

ASI SOLUTIONS will always comply with the State Trade Practices Acts and Fair Trading Laws.

General Terms

All goods and services are supplied on these terms and conditions only.

No ASI SOLUTIONS staff member or ASI SOLUTIONS agent has the right to amend or modify these Terms and Conditions.


This may occur in specific contractual arrangements with Federal, State or corporate clients. Customers who purchase from other state/ country locations agree to accept the following Terms and Conditions according to NSW Law.

The Customer accepting goods/services from ASI SOLUTIONS is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions contained herein by placing an order with ASI SOLUTIONS. ASI SOLUTIONS’ failure to object to any term or condition contained in any communication, whether written, electronically or oral, from the Customer, shall not mean those conditions / terms are accepted.

Revisions of Terms and Conditions

At ASI SOLUTIONS’ absolute discretion, ASI SOLUTIONS may modify these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions thereafter remain effective. All revisions once issued are effective immediately and the Customer agrees to these revised Terms and Conditions. If any part of the revision legally cannot be enforced the Customer agrees to all parts of the Revision and is bound to accept the remaining Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are posted on the web site for the Customer to check at regular intervals.

Should any section of these Terms and Conditions be unlawful that section only shall be deleted and the rest of the Terms and Conditions are agreed to in full force and effect from that exact time and date.

Account and Purchasing Information

Account Status

All new accounts whether a web purchase or through sales offices will operate for at least a period of three (3) months on a ‘Cash before Delivery’ basis before they will be considered for credit terms, unless special terms have been documented and agreed to in writing by the accounts department.

Major corporate and government contract accounts may be excluded where ASI SOLUTIONS issues special trade agreements with that agency or company. Such Agreements with individual clients may cause modification to normal trading terms.

Purchases over one thousand dollars ($1,000) must be paid for by cash, company, govt. dept or bank cheque, direct deposit or credit card.

Different Credit card payments will attract an additional fee payable at the time of invoicing.

Trading Application and Payment Terms

Where customers (non-government) trade continually with ASI SOLUTIONS a Trading Application must be completed. The Customer’s completion of the Trade Account Application shall be deemed an authority for ASI SOLUTIONS to check trade references as the Customer has indicated on said form. A credit account will only be considered after relevant information has been supplied to ASI SOLUTIONS. An application for a credit account does not necessarily mean a credit account will be granted immediately.

Should payments be beyond terms or part payments received ASI SOLUTIONS will place account on credit hold and will have no legal responsibility for associated events/processes resulting from the Hold account status or account closure.

Dishonoured Cheque Fee

Any cheques returned by the bank either as dishonoured or for representation shall attract a fee of thirty dollars ($30ex GST) each time.

Terms for Payment

Payment of accounts shall be made within the terms offered by ASI SOLUTIONS whether on a “cash before delivery” or credit basis. Terms will be offered based on credit limit or payment term dates. Where the order is paid for electronically, all endeavours shall be made to ensure the confidentiality of such payment details from name of the user, the amount of the invoice and the credit card number offered. No liability is held should the card be utilised by another person representing himself or herself as the owner of offered credit card.

Should payments be beyond terms or part payments received, ASI SOLUTIONS will place account on credit hold and will have no legal responsibility for associated events/processes resulting from the Hold account status or account closure.

Payment must be in full regardless of any type of deduction claimed as a counterclaim against ASI SOLUTIONS including delay in delivery in product or service before the payment date.
In the event of a delayed payment or default ASI SOLUTIONS:

ASI SOLUTIONS will place account on credit hold (should payments be beyond terms or part payments received) and will have no legal responsibility for associated events/processes resulting from the Hold account status or account closure.
ASI SOLUTIONS shall not deliver product or service including RAs.
ASI SOLUTIONS shall charge a restocking fee of 30% of the ex-Tax invoice price.
Be able to claim costs incurred for debt collection and subsequent delays including debt collection agency and legal costs, dishonour fees $30 ex and bank interest as per ASI SOLUTIONS current overdraft fee plus an additional 3% p.a. from due payment date to date paid.
The default customer licences ASI SOLUTIONS including employees, agents and contractors to seize back all outstanding stock, allowing ASI SOLUTIONS to enter premise locations where ASI SOLUTIONS unpaid stock is located. ASI SOLUTIONS may then return unpaid stock to ASI SOLUTIONS and on – sell again. The customer will repay ASI SOLUTIONS for any dollar loss in the difference between the default price and the on-sold stock plus additional costs incurred.

Invoice Dispute

Where any part of an invoice is in dispute, the balance not in dispute will be paid in accordance with account terms. Any disputed amount must be documented in writing with proof of receipt of this document by the vendor confirmed in writing within 7 days.

Title, Risk and All Monies

All risk passes to the Customer upon delivery / including part delivery. When the Customer purchases and pays the vendor in full, the title to the goods passes to the Customer. Request for Delivery prior to installation/ project activity is included in these conditions – this risk passing to the Customer again at time of Delivery.

The Customer may at their option, collect the goods from these premises or arrange freight on their own behalf and in this case the risk passes to the Customer at the time of collection. Alternatively, freight will be arranged on the Customer’s behalf by ASI SOLUTIONS.

Should the account fall beyond trading terms, such goods may be reclaimed by ASI SOLUTIONS as payment in kind for the outstanding balance amount The goods remain the property of ASI SOLUTIONS till payment is received. ASI SOLUTIONS shall be entitled to collected goods delivered.
All Monies: Title to any goods does not pass until all indebtedness has been paid. ASI SOLUTIONS will be able to collect any if there is any unpaid debt, regardless of whether the debts relates to the good collected or not.

The goods shall remain the sole property of ASI SOLUTIONS and ASI SOLUTIONS shall hold such goods till the Customer pays the total amount due. The customer shall owe ASI SOLUTIONS for any loss/ damage/lost value (due to delays) to stock incurred before full payment is received.


Should be made to ASI SOLUTIONS:

Bank details: Commonwealth Bank, Mascot, BSB: 062 200, Acc. No.: 2800 1763
When completed the client must advise ASI SOLUTIONS Accounts Department.
Email: accounts@asi.com.au
Phone: 02 9384 8033
Fax: 02 9666 5655
Main Line: 02 9384 8000

Please provide accounts with remittance details:

Invoice number(s) if known
Your PO
Type of Card if applicable
Number of Card – *note credit cards attract a transaction fee
Expiry Date
Amount including FREIGHT and GST – TOTAL AMOUNT
Quotation and Order

Quotation Period

Unless otherwise specified by ASI SOLUTIONS (in writing/electronically at the time of quotation), all written quotations are valid for a period of 14 days from the date of the quotation.

Internet Quotations shall specify the quotation period applicable for the Net normally Fourteen (14) days. ASI SOLUTIONS must be notified in writing of any change of address and /or ownership. ASI SOLUTIONS bears no responsibility for shipments to an incorrect delivery address where there has been no communication regarding delivery address changes.


Prices are subject to change without notice or obligation unless there are specific contract price conditions with the client. Such changes may be applied due to currency fluctuations or stock shortage.
Orders for catalogue /Internet goods are binding only when paid to ASI SOLUTIONS. Freight charges shall be applicable unless specific contractual binding terms apply.


If a customer cancels an order in writing after ASI SOLUTIONS has accepted the order, the Customer must obtain a written confirmation from ASI SOLUTIONS that the order has been cancelled prior to dispatch.

There may be special volume orders which cannot be cancelled after a certain time frame due to specifications / volume order by the Customer.

If ASI SOLUTIONS has begun to manufacture, the Customer will agree to pay a cancellation fee of 20% of the cost of the ex-tax sell price of the goods once cancellation is approved. If the goods have already shipped the Customer must action through discussion with the ASI SOLUTIONS regarding the situation.

Account Errors and Credits

In the case of errors on the Invoice/or in delivery, ASI SOLUTIONS must be notified within 7 days of invoice whether there are short shipments in delivery, damaged goods, or a discrepancy in ordered specification. This must be done in writing and must be acknowledged by the ASI SOLUTIONS. No credits for overcharges or missing stock/ returned shall be accepted outside the terms.

Errors and Omissions

ASI SOLUTIONS will always endeavour to offer the correct price, specification, technical information version, promotion information, stock availability and location and other value added information but there are occasions where this information may be incorrect due to circumstances beyond ASI SOLUTIONS’ control.

ASI SOLUTIONS makes no representations about the accuracy and suitability of information provided including the ASI SOLUTIONS web site. If an error is made ASI SOLUTIONS will advise the customer and cancel the order. To our best efforts ASI SOLUTIONS will endeavour to assist and will bear no liability for these changes. Any payment made shall be returned to the customer in total.

Special Clearance Sales

These products are sold as is – whether they are returned stock, demo or imperfect stock. There is a No Credit Return Clause. As there is limited stock volume ASI SOLUTIONS has no liability to provide an alternative product is stock is sold prior to delivery and payment.

Delivery and Collection

ASI SOLUTIONS will deliver the stock via the courier of ASI SOLUTIONS’ choice. The Customer may elect to arrange their freight. Risk passes to the Customer once stock is collected from the vendor warehouse/office. ASI SOLUTIONS will deliver to the current address information within an agreed time period. If there are delays ASI SOLUTIONS will advise customer of delay.

ASI SOLUTIONS shall endeavour to meet anticipated delivery times but in the event of delays ASI SOLUTIONS shall not be held liable for repercussions of such delays.

Incorrect delivery addresses may incur an additional freight fee. It is the Customer’s responsibility to advise any changes to current address or contacts.

If the Customer refuses to accept delivery of the stock the client shall accept liability for any damage/loss/stolen stock.

There must be a person ready to receive the delivery at the location. Once delivered and signed the risk passes to the Customer at the location. If there is no one there to accept an additional fee may be charged.

Once signed for the goods are assumed to have been delivered in good condition and accepted by the customer.

As a goodwill measure the customer may still have 7 days to advise ASI SOLUTIONS in writing of any defect. ASI SOLUTIONS will review this without any acknowledgement of ASI SOLUTIONS liability and advise customer.

Warranty Information

ASI SOLUTIONS works with many international brand name products. The warranty applicable to these 3rd party products is specified and honoured by the manufacturer locally and internationally.
It is advisable to check each manufacturer’s individual warranty conditions when purchasing or claiming warranty. Many Vendors’ web sites carry relevant warranty information.

ASI SOLUTIONS does not warrant the performance, technical fitness, compatibility and fit for purpose features of these products sold but works with customers assisting them to obtain warranty from manufacturers. ASI SOLUTIONS makes no additional warranty on these products.

In the case of DOA, the manufacturer must be contacted immediately on delivery. Each manufacturer may manage the process for DOA differently. Please check each manufacturer’s web site for further information.
For more information on ASI SOLUTIONS Branded Product warranty conditions please see ASI SOLUTIONS Warranty Documentation.

Stock Return Policy

ASI SOLUTIONS will refund/ exchange or credit stock ONLY after a Credit Return Authorisation has been approved.

This is subject to the following conditions:

Goods are in original packaging and in good resaleable condition
Goods have not been damaged
Goods are not part of a special order
Goods that are stock clearance specials cannot be returned
Goods such as software / memory/CPU or HDD cannot be returned
It is possible that some third party suppliers (not ASI SOLUTIONS) will not accept returns unless stock is faulty. In these cases ASI SOLUTIONS cannot the specific Third Party stock back as a credit or return.

Credit Return Contact Details

Do not return goods without first obtaining approval from ASI SOLUTIONS, you will need a Credit Return Authorisation Number.

When returning goods please contact your local sales team or telephone, fax or email for a Credit Return Authorisation (CRA) Number or contact Sales in Sydney.

Phone: 02 9384 8000 or 1300 368 010 (Callers outside of Sydney)
Email: sales@asi.com.au
Fax: 02 9666 5655
Please provide the following details to them:

Account name / number
Contact name / number
Invoice No / Date
Item and quantity
Value exclusive GST
Total Value exclusive GST
Reason for return
CRA Numbers will be issued within 24 hours from customer request for return.

Send the stock back to ASI SOLUTIONS with documentation showing the CRA. Do not mark the stock or send back stock in an unsatisfactory condition. If so they may be returned to the Customer (customer) at the customer’s expense. Ensure all the original parts are included.

Goods returned for credit will be charged a 20% restocking fee (of the cost of the ex-tax price of the goods ) if they are not returned within 7 days from the invoice date.

Refunds shall be a credit on account of applicable invoice in the case of credit account customers or through cheque/electronic payment to the Customer where the account is CBD.

All goods being returned to ASI SOLUTIONS are to be sent at the Customer’s expense.

Goods that are found to be fault free will be returned to the customer at their expense and may attract a service fee of $45 ex GST fee depending on the item.

Internet Site & Your Privacy

The company will endeavour to service you in every way. By accessing ASI SOLUTIONS’ Internet site, there is information that you may offer to the company about your business activities. ASI SOLUTIONS shall only use that information as part of this company’s business operation. The company will not pass information outside this business. Your security when using a credit card shall be maintained through encryption standards. If you choose not to pay this way please call, fax or e-mail and we will assist you. Please view the Internet Home page for further information relating to Internet use ie Copyright and Privacy.

Anyone entering the ASI SOLUTIONS web site agrees that they will not alter any vendor content / information/ structure which will impact either upon the vendor or any other of the web site users and which may also be seen as unlawful, invading other ‘s liberties or infringing on copyrights of others.

Customer Comments

Any feedback is welcome. Should ASI SOLUTIONS action/implement any of these ideas the vendor shall not be liable for using the information offered and is authorized to use this information without recompense.

Indemnity and Limitation of Liability

ASI SOLUTIONS shall under no circumstances be liable for incidental, special or consequential damages including loss of profit or business opportunity. If any damages are claimed the amount shall be limited to an amount not to exceed the purchase price of the invoiced original product. Under Government Federal and state laws, ASI SOLUTIONS’s limited liability for any breach shall be:

Costs of having goods repaired or part thereof
Refund of goods once returned
Cost of replacing goods with equivalent or part thereof
Supply of equivalent goods
ASI SOLUTIONS Web site: The Customer who uses the ASI SOLUTIONS web site will agree to indemnify the vendor against any claim made against the Vendor by any party in connection with the vendor’s web –site regardless of whether this is an indirect or indirect claim.

ASI SOLUTIONS and staff and agents endeavour to ensure that the web site information is correct but makes no warranty (express or implied) as to the accuracy of information of products and services that is as permitted by laws of the state.

Your Rights

The above terms do not exclude any rights, which by law may not be excluded, including but not limited to your customer rights under the Trade Practices Act.


The placing of an order upon ASI SOLUTIONS shall be deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions whether the order is placed verbally, through the Internet, fax mail or email.

PLEASE NOTE: When you visit the ASI SOLUTIONS site, you accept this current dated T&C version
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Registered Logos and Intellectual Property

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Reproduction of ASI advertisements in any form is strictly prohibited without express written permission from the ASI Marketing Department.

The ASI SOLUTIONS* logo is a registered Trademark owned by ASI SOLUTIONS.

Liability Statement

Product Liability is outlined within standard Terms and Conditions related to products offered by the vendor and associated suppliers. ASI SOLUTIONS accepts no liability for any information or product displayed within the site that may be associated with any damage to the business of the site visitor ie. but not limited to misinterpretation/ misuse of information, damage through delivery of service or product, repairs or maintenance. While ASI SOLUTIONS works with key partners and may offer hyper-links to other sites the vendor does not endorse or hold that site information and operation as being legally proven and qualified. Should the customer access those sites ASI SOLUTIONS accepts no liability.

ASI SOLUTIONS shall bear no responsibility for any information, virus or other source that is retrieved from the ASI SOLUTIONS web site. ASI SOLUTIONS will bear no liability for web site down time or reason when customer is unable to access. ASI SOLUTIONS will bear no liability for errors and omissions.

Visitor Rights

The company prohibits any site visitor from obtaining unauthorised access to the site and in any way effecting any unauthorised changes to the site. Any such action shall be subject to prosecution. The company endeavours at all time to protect the visitor’s information supplied but shall not be liable for this information being used in the daily operations of the company as pertains but not limited to sales, service and marketing.